The Solar Installation Process

What to expect with Sanctuary Solar












The process to your Solar System Installation

From you information we can supply a solar roof report and a quote proposal in 1-2 days from your information.

If your happy we arrange a convenient home visit to discuss anything and check the design and electrical information and what we propose to install is 100% correct.

If you would like to proceed and accept the quote, we ask for a 20% deposit and then we get things moving for you.

Your Solar Installation has to be approved by Essential Energy who own the wires, poles and grid, so we can have your Solar System installed.

Once they give us the go ahead we book a convenient date and day for your installation and Order your Solar equipment.

It takes 1 day to install the system, unless you have chosen to install a larger system and on completion that day provide a handover manual and a small amount of training from our Electrician.

This is so you have a basic understanding of its operation, we also provide small reference signs on everything we have instated so you have very clear information at hand and if required and our easy access contact number.























The Final Part

But wait, there’s more….

We don’t leave you at this point though, as most will do, we actually notify your Electrical retailer for you to tell them we have installed your solar system, so that they activate a Solar meter request.

A Solar Metre is installed so that it your solar can be measured and interact with the grid.

That’s not all we do….

we then inform you of the best retailer to change to if required for the best Solar Feed in Tariff, for your excess solar and the best Electricity Rates.

A quick guide to the four basic components of your electricity bil:

General Use Rate

What you pay for Electricity use from the grid during the day and night (the highest charge)

Off Peak Rate

This is a cheaper rate generally used for heating electric hot water late at night and early moring (cheapest rate)

Service Fee

This is a charge for the supply for the Electricity Service to your home.

Feed In Tariff

for your EXCESS Solar Generated and not used during the day (FIT)

We also update you and advise you on how to save power. Sanctuary Solar also offers other power saving products and services.

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